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Do Revenge Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Trailer, IMDB, Age Rating, Genre, Soundtracks & More!

Netflix’s movie Do revenge is a great spin on revenge movies with a great twist at the end of the movie. The movie is one movie which everyone will enjoy. The movie does have some explicit language. The movie is set in a high school set up where none of the kids acts like actual high school kids. The kids are extremely rich and feel they can buy anything with money. The story is based more or less on the 2003 movie Mean Girls. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Do Revenge Movie Review

Do Revenge Movie Star Cast

The girls are dressed very femininely and wear lots of pink. They are dressed very much according to the Gen Z aesthetic. The movie has an amazing cast as well we see Sophie turner from Game of Thrones make a cameo. Camila Mendes the talented actress from Riverdale is the main lead. The other actress is the nepo kid Maya Hawke who was last seen playing the role of Robin in Stranger Things.

Do Revenge Movie Reviews

Both actors have been in Netflix projects and have continued to be a part of Do Revenge. Camila plays the role of Drea and Maya plays the role of Eleanor. Drea over one summer becomes an outcast for retaliating against her boyfriend and falls apart from her rich group of friends. She is left with no friends. Eleanor comes to the high school as a transfer student the same year and a lot of drama happens as they both one day discover they were wronged by the students of the high school.

Do Revenge Movie Trailer

Both of them team up and plan on taking revenge on the group by not letting the others know that they are teamed up. The movie makes into a hilarious troupe as the movie unfolds we learn more about the characters and the reality of what happened. The release date was on 16th September 2022. The producers of the movie are Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Anthony Bregman, and Peter Cron. The plot of the movie is highly inspired by Hitchcock’s strangers on a train.

Do Revenge Movie Plot

The plot of two friends secretly coming together to pull down the rest of the group makes an interesting movie to watch. If you are thinking about what to watch over the weekend this is a very good freeing movie to watch. The story all starts when Drea’s sex tape gets leaked to the public by her boyfriend the IT boy of the school with a lot of money. The story ends with an interesting take on the school’s prom. The filming of the movie was wrapped up in 2021 you can watch the movie on Netflix today!!


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