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What Is IPL SCHEDULE 2023, Match Dates & Timings, Fixtures, Team Names & List, Point Table & More!

Hello friends, so we are here with the greatest news that IPL is scheduled for the year 2023 and it will be organized in March month of 2023. So it’s going to be great news for all IPL lovers. IPL is the Indian premier league that is a cricket league played among the different teams of different cities in India. There used to be a total of 8 teams playing for IPL that are, Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

IPL Schedule 2023

IPL Schedule 2023

IPL was started in 2008 and it is organized every year by the BCCI. In the coming year 2023, IPL will start on 20th March. The game will be played between 10 teams and a total of 74 matches will be played. The IPL season is finally back, in India where cricket is treated like a religion and many people follow the sport blindly, they watch all the test matches and world cup, and other tournaments.

IPL is a more commercialized tournament made only for the purpose of entertainment. In IPL there are currently 1o teams and they will play against each other to go to the finals. The starting date for the match was given which is 20th march 2023. IPL will end on 28th May 2023. Many players from different countries play in this league. The players for each team are chosen through an auction.

IPL 2023 Dates, Time & Team List

25-03-2023KKR vs csk7.30 PM
26-03-2023MI vs DC7.30 PM
26-03-2023RBC bs PBKS7.30 PM
27-03-2023LSG bs GT7.30 PM
28-03-2023RR vs SRH7.30 PM
29-03-2023KKR vs RCB7.30 PM
30-03-2023CSK vs LSG7.30 PM
31-03-2023PBKS vs KKR7.30 PM
01-04-2023RR vs MI7.30 PM
01-04-2023DC vs GT7.30 PM
02-04-2023PBKS vs CSK7.30 PM
03-04-2023LSG vs SRH7.30 PM
04-04-2023RCB vs RR7.30 PM
05-04-2023MI vs KKR7.30 PM
06-04-2023DC vs LSG7.30 PM
07-04-2023PBKS vs GT7.30 PM
08-04-2023SRH vs CSK7.30 PM
08-04-2023MI vs RCB7.30 PM
09-04-2023DC vs KKR7.30 PM
09-04-2023LSG vs RR7.30 PM
10-04-2023GT vs SRH7.30 PM
11-04-2023RCB vs CSK7.30 PM
12-04-2023PBKS vs MI7.30 PM
13-04-2023GT vs RR7.30 PM
14-04-2023KKR vs SRH7.30 PM
15-04-2023LSG vs MI7.30 PM
15-04-2023RCB vs DC7.30 PM
16-04-2023SRH bs PBKS7.30 PM
16-04-2023CSK vs GT7.30 PM
17-04-2023KKR vs RR7.30 PM
18-04-2023RCB vs LSG7.30 PM
19-04-2023PBKS vs DC7.30 PM
20-04-2023CSK vs MI7.30 PM
21-04-2023RR vs DC7.30 PM
22-04-2023GJ vs KKR7.30 PM
22-04-2023SRH vs RCB7.30 PM
23-04-2023MI vs LSG7.30 PM
24-04-2023CSK vs PBKS7.30 PM
25-04-2023RR vs RCB7.30 PM
26-04-2023SRH vs GT7.30 PM
27-04-2023KKR vs GT7.30 PM
28-04-2023LSG vs PBKS7.30 PM
29-04-2023RCB vs GT7.30 PM
29-04-2023MI vs RR7.30 PM
30-04-2023LSG vs DC7.30 PM
30-04-2023CSK vs SRH7.30 PM
1-5-2023RR vs KKR7.30 PM
2-5-2023PBKS vs GT7.30 PM
3-5-2023CSK vs RCB7.30 PM
4-5-2023SRH vs DC7.30 PM
5-5-2023MI vs GT7.3 PM
6-5-2023RR vs PBKS7.30 PM
6-5-2023KKR vs LSG7.30 PM
7-5-2023RCB vs SRH7.30 PM
7-5-2023DC vs CSK7.30 PM
8-5-2023KKR vs MI7.30 PM
9-5-2023GT vs LSG7.30 PM
10-5-2023DC vs RR7.30 PM
11-5-2023MI vs CSK7.30 PM
12-5-2023PBKS vs RCB7.30 PM
13-5-2023SRH vs KKR7.30 PM
14-5-2023GT vs CSK7.30 PM
14-5-2023RR vs LSG7.30 PM
15-5-2023DC vs PBKS7.30 PM
16-5-2023SRH vs MI7.30 PM
17-5-2023LSG vs KKR7.30 PM
18-5-2023GT vs RCB7.30 PM
19-5-2023CSK vs RR7.30 PM
20-5-2023DC vs MI7.30 PM
21-5-2023PBKS vs SRH7.30 PM
TBAQualifier 17.30 PM
TBAEliminator7.30 PM
TBAQualifier 27.30 PM
28-5-2023Final7.30 PM

IPL Team List With Names 2023

  • Chennai super kings
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rajasthan royals
  • Royal challengers Bangalore
  • Punjab kings
  • Delhi capitals
  • Kolkata knight riders
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

There are 2 fresh teams that are going to be added this year that is–

  • Gujrat Titans
  • Lucknow Supergiants

The owners of the 10 teams meet up and there is a price called out for each player and the team owners choose the players for their team. The schedule of the match was also released the league is going to go on for three months and the first teams playing is CSK VS RCB in April the matches of the teams against each other end and points are calculated to see which teams go further. This year’s IPL will be

Very exciting as there were only 8 teams before and now there are 10 teams. There were two new teams added, Gujarat and Lucknow. The sport has become a great deal in India and is very popular. The game can be viewed on tv with commentary in different languages as well Star Sports has arranged for this comfort. The game will also be available on Hotstar which needs a paid membership. The matches will air every day at 7:30 pm night.



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