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Is NCIS Leaving Netflix In 2024?

The long-running show streaming on Netflix, NCIS may soon be ending. NCIS might soon go away as more and more licenced shows are pulled back in favour of their owners’ streaming platforms, but you still have some more years to binge on Netflix. The CBS programme, a mainstay on television since 2003, Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

NCIS Leaving Netflix

NCIS Leaving Netflix

Will start its 20th season in September 2022. Numerous spin-offs of the long-running police procedural series have been created, and it has remained popular throughout. NCIS has only ever been available to stream on Netflix in the United States thanks to a long-standing agreement with CBS. However, that agreement has already expired, and it is currently unknown whether NCIS will

Continue to be available on Netflix at least. This is due to the fact that NCIS season 15 was only recently added to Netflix and that period of time has been devoid of content. When things were different, Season 16 would have been added in 2019, but that never happened. Now, four years later, Netflix is missing four seasons of the programme, including seasons 16, 17, 18, 19, and five If you consider the impending 20th season.

Is NCIS Leaving Netflix In 2024?

Netflix is far from the best location to watch NCIS because of these missing seasons. For the past few years, Paramount’s own Paramount+ has been the only location to watch every season that is now available. However, that hasn’t prevented viewers from binge-watching the programme just on Netflix. It was the fourth-most watched acquired show in the US, After Criminal Minds, Cocomelon, and Grey’s Anatomy, according to Nielsen ratings.

You might be wondering when NCIS is leaving Netflix because there are no upcoming seasons on the streaming service and Criminal Minds, another Paramount juggernaut, recently left. Some of the most well-known licenced Netflix movies may soon be expiring, according to a new joint investigation by The Wrap and What’s on Netflix. The Good Place, Shameless, Supernatural, and New Girl were a few of the shows mentioned.

NCIS, which will now cease to exist from the service on June 30th, 2024, was one of the ten shows that they released along with their anticipated removal dates from Netflix. Obviously, this comes with the warning that contracts can be bought out (see The Defenders on Netflix), so it could depart earlier or that Netflix and Paramount could renew the agreement for the colder seasons, but for now, you have about 2 years to binge NCIS before it departs to become exclusive to Paramount+.



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