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RIP: Who Was Martin Duffy & Cause Of Death? Primal Scream Keyboardist Dead At 55, Family Confirms The News!

Martin Duffy was a keyboard player for the band Primal Scream and Felt. He had tragically passed away after falling in his house for which he had to go through brain surgery not able to succeed with the surgery he dies tragically at the mere age of 55 years. He had a brain injury due to his fall at his house and when he was taken to the local operation, Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Martin Duffy Death

Martin Duffy Cause Of Death

They performed surgery which was not successful and he passed away. The news was confirmed to us by Bobby Gillespie, his bandmate. The unexpected death has been very difficult for the family. Bobby said on Instagram that he knew Martin since he was a teenager and have always been together. He said that he played the keyboard score for all the albums from the first one to the last one.

Who Was Martin Duffy?

He said that they have not been separated since when he joined the band in 1991. He expressed that martin was very dear and special to him and his understanding of music and his development of music was very different from others because he loved what he was doing and had a deep connection with music as well. In 1985 martin joined the indie band Felt and has been with them ever since.

Martin Duffy: Wikipedia, Biography & Age

They signed with the label, Creation Records and started producing music for their fans. Duffy’s music became essential to the band in the mid-80s. part B of the 1988 album features two of the instruments played by Duffy. Because of how brilliant Duffy was as he was one of the main composers for the bands. He quoted him as a musical genius. Duffy was one of the important members of

Martin Duffy: Funeral & Obituary

The band until split up in 1989. They broke up after fulfilling their aim of releasing 10 albums in 10 years. In one situation Kevin Shiels told that he was in complete awe and was up all night amazed by his musical intelligence of Duffy. Gillespie told that Duffy was a natural literature lover, he loved the culture and expanding horizons of his knowledge in all fields. He was a deep thinker

And loved visiting museums. He went to museums located In each city and explored more about them. He didn’t feel like he was out of place in the museums it was like he was in his natural habitat says, Gillespie. He also told that Duffy was very opinionated and stubborn with some decisions related to his music


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