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Who Was Gigi Jordan? Millionaire Pharma Exec Who Killed 8-Years-Old Son Found Dead At Home!

Hello friends, we have brought up this article to give you information about a piece of recent news that is in the news currently. Gigi Jordan had found dead in her house and the reason is considered suicide. She was accused and sentenced to jail for killing her 8-year-old son by providing access to false medicines and Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Who Was Gigi Jordan?

Who Was Gigi Jordan?

Killing him in a bad mental condition. She got out of jail on December 2020 and now on 30th December 2022, she committed suicide just after the court has taken the decision to put her back into jail. In this article, we are going to give you the complete details about her death and her case of killing her own son. So read the article fully to know the complete details. Gigi Jordan was a millionaire pharmaceutical executive

Gigi Jordan Millionaire Pharma Exec Who Killed 8-Years-Old Son

Who was blamed for the killing of her own 8-year-old son Back in 2010, She was sentenced to 15 years in Jail. She is now found dead in her home in Brooklyn. She was found dead inside her house discovered by the Cops. The cops caught her body from her house and now the investigation is on. According to the cops, she has committed suicide and it is not any other matter of her death. 

Gigi Jordan: Wikipedia, Biography & Age

Gigi Jordan is currently 62 years old and will be released from jail in 2020. Her body was found by the Cops around 12.30 am on Friday 30th December 2022 in her home which is an apartment in Stuyvesant Heights in Brooklyn. A note was also found at the death location as determined by the sources. She was going to a case of murdering her own son in 2010. She was convicted of murdering her 8 years old son Jude Mirra

Gigi Jordan: Husband Name & Family

In February 2010 as she was going through an emotional breakdown state and was mentally disturbed. She killed her son by feeding him a deadly cocktail of sleeping pills, painkillers, cocktails, and tranquilizers mixed with juice and alcohol and after that, she also attempted to take her own life but failed to do so. She said in the trial that she killed her son because he was autistic and traumatized and

Emotionally disturbed after being sexually abused by her second husband and his biological father Amil tzekov. She also said that she was Madea. Fail attempts to take her life and toon the life of her son in fear and a bad mental state. She was sentenced to 18 years in Jail in 2015 and she was in the prison but on 9th December 2020, she was released from jail as her charges were overturned in a procedural misstep.

However, on Thursday, supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor overturned the previous order from 20th December and required Jordan back to prison. She found died just after some hours after this decision and the reason for her death is unknown. 


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