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Yuva Kabaddi Series Point Table 2022, Complete Winter Edition Explained!

With the winter season here, Kabaddi is always awaited and there are many people who waited for the series for a long time now, While it can be said that this series has been long awaited teh finals are much closer than expected. The Yuva Kabaddi series is ongoing and there are many matches held to find the finalist team and the leading team from this series, Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Yuva Kabaddi Series Point Table 2022

Yuva Kabaddi Series Point Table 2022

While the winter season edition 2022 has begun, there will be many rounds for the teams in the match to go through starting off with the survival round, booster round, and lastly followed up by Summit rounds. Stay tuned as we covered details about the Yuva Kabaddi winter edition points table so far. Yuva means youth in English while the series of this game is focused on the young generation

Team NameTotal Played Matches Total Won Matches Total Lost MatchesTotal Tie MatchesS.D Points Points Per Match
Hampi Heroes220040126
Murthal Magnets220015115.5
Aravalli Arrows330030165.333
Vijayanagara Veers3120-5351.667
Panchala Pride321035134.333
Periyar Panthers2110063
Tadoba Tigers3030-4310.333
Palani Tuskers31203682.667
Chola Veerans3120-1162
Kaziranga Rhinos2020-4900

Who are experts in the Kabaddi game while playing along with many teams and with many people watching them? This series which was initiated years ago is now gaining massive popularity and people are interested in watching youngster playing. The winter edition of the game is back and many players get to display their game in front of the audience. One thing to notice here is that the players

Who are below 23 years or at the age of 23 are allowed to play games in these matches. Starting with the performance, the players will have to go through three rounds toward the finals. The games were initiated on the 27th of November 2022 and the game was initiated with Survival round and the Hampi heroes were the ones who lifted the title of the Monsoon edition. While the question that arises

Yuva Kabaddi Series Winter Edition Complete Point Table

Here is that will they remain to keep their status, on the other hand, there are new teams introduced in the game named Chola Veterans, and Palani Tuskers who are new. The survival round ended on the 7th of December 2022 and later the booster round, challenger round and summit rounds will be held one after the other. While there are now ten teams that are competing against each other while the defeated ones get eliminated.

Now speaking about the points table, Hampi heroes have played 2 matches and they won two of them scoring 12 points, 6 from each. Murthal Magnets have played two matches and they won both of them while they scored 11 points and had 5.5 from each match. Aravali Arrows played three matches and they won three of them scoring 16 points in total and 5.333 from each of the three matches.

Vijayanagara Veers played three matches and they won 1 match from them losing two, while they scored five points and 1.667 from them. Panchala Pride had three matches, they lost one match and won two scoring 13 points, 4.333 from each match. Periyar Panthers had two matches until now losing one and winning one with 6 points in total 3 from each. Tadoba tigers had three matches until now and they lost three of these matches scoring one point and having 0.333 from that match.

Palani Tuskers had three matches in total, losing two and winning one from them, they scored 8 points and 2.667 from each game. Chola Veerans had three matches and they won one and lost two matches scoring 6 points 2 from each match. Lastly, Kaziranga rhinos had two matches until now and they won none of them losing two, and scoring 0 points. These points do not differ after every round, rather they vary accordingly as per the matches and the games played.



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