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6 Most Haunted Places Near Me In Colorado, Ghost Sightings In Colorado That Shaken Everyone!

Colorado has a long history it dates back to 1800, hence with a long history it’s perfect to spot paranormal activities if that is what you are interested in. the article will provide an entire list of places to go and see ghosts. There have been many places across Colorado for this. There are homes that are a century old as well. if interested you should definitely visit some of these places. These places have a lot of attractions especially from September to November. These places are popular as there are stories of ghost sightings here before. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

6 Most Haunted Places in Colorado

6 Most Haunted Places in Colorado

1. Cheesman Park

This place is perfect for jogging and picnicking and walking. The park was established after taking down a graveyard. Hence it has become popular that the place is still haunted by angry ghosts who were disturbed from their resting place. In 2010 during irrigation work, the workers found human skeletons who were digging because of the work.

2. Stanley Hotel

The list would be incomplete without mentioning this place, it is one of the most sighted places and one of the most popular. there have been reports by the staff as well of 4 spirits roaming the hotel. The hotel staff spotted them in the halls but that is not the only place they visit. The concert hall heard many echoes of laughter and random footsteps as well. the most reported activity is the flickering of lights. Spending your night in this hotel is going to take a lot of boldness.

What Is Stanley Hotel Haunted History?

3. Hotel Colorado

The 125-year-old Hotel Colorado in the centre of Glenwood Springs has a past that few accommodations can boast. This building’s basement previously housed eight prisoner cells in addition to 6,500 wounded WWII military personnel in a hospital. A stay at this hotel might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re seeking a scare.

4. Hotel Jerome

When discussing the most spooky locations in Colorado, Hotel Jerome is unrivalled because of its unique fusion of historical legacy and modern elegance. The only hotel in Aspen to survive the silver crash has been in operation since 1889. The third level in particular has seen a lot of mischief and ghost encounters, according to the staff.

5. Highlands Ranch Mansion

The 1891-built Highlands Ranch Mansion, which has seen several ownership changes, is rumoured to be haunted by Julia F. Kistler. Many others assert that even when the space was empty, they could still hear her weeping and see her shadow.

6. Molly Brown House

Molly Brown’s House is one of Colorado’s most well-known haunted places. She was one of the Titanic survivors and was well-known for her humanitarian, charitable, and philanthropic position. Frequent reports of paranormal activity, such as cold spots inside the house, have come from visitors.



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