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Confluence Park Denver, Colorado – Everything We Know So Far!

The Cherry Creek and South Platte River confluence are where Confluence Park is located. The park, which is located on the outskirts of Lower Downtown, is among Denver’s most urban parks. Numerous activities are accessible by foot from Confluence, including the nearby parks Commons, Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Confluence Park Denver, Colorado

Confluence Park Denver, CO

City of Cuernavaca Park, Centennial, Fishback, and Gates Crescent. In addition to dog parks, baseball and soccer grounds, and riverside pathways are available. The place is at 2250 15th st Denver, Co. people who have additional queries can call up 720-913-1311. The place is open all year long. It is open every day including holidays. So you can visit the place with your loved ones. Pets are allowed but

Confluence Park Denver Activities

They needed to be leashed and kept under control. There are a lot of open areas and there is a chance of your pet running away hence it is advised to be on a leash. The general public most of them are not fond of dogs and some might be scared as well so to make the experience comfortable for everyone this is advised. There is no entry fee as such and it is free to enter. The South Platte River


And Cherry Creek both have designated routes for bicycling and hiking. The trail system at Riverfront Park includes a segment of Cherry Creek that is divided into two sections for cyclists and pedestrians in the area close to the city center. The Cherry Creek Regional Trail is what it is known as. Franktown, Parker, Centennial, Aurora, Glendale, and Downtown Denver are all stops along the Cherry Creek downstream route,

Confluence Park Denver Events

Which ends at Confluence Park. In the South Platte River, fishing is allowed. For people who like the refreshing act of fishing, there is this facility available and they can choose to bring their equipment and fish to the place. Water in Confluence Park is a popular place for kayakers to use. Infrequently, tubers use the area as well. A kayak rental shop quite close to the park is Confluence Kayaks, which also rents tubes and bucket rafts.

Tables are available beside the river for picnics. Picnics are the best way to spend time with your family the place is very relaxing and refreshing and the perfect place to have a peaceful picnic. Skating: Denver Skate Park can be found between Commons Park and 20th Street. In the area near the beach, people do go swimming and enjoy themselves in the shallow water. Tubing: Depending on the weather, you’ll see people tubing and kayaking near Confluence Park on the South Platte.



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