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Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins – Best Activities To Do, Boat Rentals, Hiking, Webcam, Fishing, Trails & Directions!

One of Colorado’s most picturesque outdoor havens, Horsetooth Reservoir is located just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado. Enjoy activities, gorgeous lodging, and more there. The Poudre Valley had been experiencing years of drought and dust storms Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins

Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins

When the need for more water to quench the thirst of the crop-bearing farms in the Fort Collins area became apparent to the farmers. Horsetooth Reservoir was built because it was realised that the Poudre River’s water supply was inconsistant, occasionally delivering too much and other times not enough.

Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins – History

The distinctive rock feature that stands above the significant body of water is where the reservoir got its name. Regarding this well-known stone, there is an old Native American myth. It was formerly a giant’s responsibility to ensure that no antelope, buffalo, or deer were hunted in the Valley of Contentment (now the Horsetooth Reservoir).

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The giant was killed at the direction of Chief Maunamoku. The Chief used a tomahawk that fell from the sky to cut at the giant’s heart, first in the middle, then to the right, and then to the left. The monster grew stone the following day, and today’s Horsetooth Rock is thought to be the result.

Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins – Directions

The 6.5-mile-long reservoir is now a well-liked destination for recreational pursuits like boating, fishing, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, water skiing, sailing, and picnics. Mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking can all be done on the numerous miles of paths that encircle the reservoir.

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Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins – Main Attractions

Another excellent bouldering location in Colorado is Rotary Park, which is located on the east side of the reservoir. Larimer County Natural Areas is in charge of the RV spots, campsites, and cabins available at Horsetooth Reservoir, which is open all year. If camping is not your thing, unwind in one of the nearby condominiums or bed and breakfasts while renting a boat, kayak, SUP board, and other watercraft from the neighborhood marina.

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Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins – Activities
Mountain Biking
Rock climbing

  • Mountain Biking is possible on several kilometers of multipurpose routes.
  • Open to all sorts of powerboats, including jet skis and watercraft, when boating. On summer weekends, capacity is typically achieved. The Inlet Bay Marina offers rental boats.
  • Campgrounds: For a nightly fee, year-round electric and non-electric campsites, as well as beachfront camper cottages, are available.
  • Fishing is legal from both land and water, and you can use flies, lures, and bait. Common fish include trout, perch, walleye, and small-mouth bass.
  • Horseback riding, biking, and hiking are all permitted on a number of the foothills’ paths in Larimer County. Access to the 29-mile network of multipurpose trails at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space is available.
  • Riding on Horses Is Acceptable.
  • Permitted: Rock climbing.



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