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Caribou, Colorado Ghost Town – Netherland

Europe is filled with amazement and there are hundreds of things to do here. While this place is famous for the cities that it holds, while mainly for Paris, and the culture here, what many people don’t know here is nature. This place also holds a unique nature to it, while many of them are understood and unrecognizable as well. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Caribou, Colorado Ghost Town Netherland

Caribou, Colorado Ghost Town Netherland

One such place that is abandoned and has many natural realms to it is Caribou which is near Nederland, this place is a Co Ghost town that was abandoned and has much history to it. Stay tuned as we covered details about this Co Ghost town, which comes in the region of Nederland. Speaking about Caribou, this is a place which is located about twenty miles west of Boulder and is located in Nederland.

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This place is a former miming place that is abandoned and also has wooden collapsed cabins and stone ruins remaining as well. While in many sites of this place, camping and staying overnight is allowed. Camping is allowed in places like Roosevelt National Forest near Caribou. Other than that this place has many pre-existing campsites as well, so it is advised to look for them instead of searching for own your way.

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Caribou, Colorado Ghost Town Location

Speaking about the location of this place, then one can for road 128 West of Nederland and follow 7.4 miles until you reach Townsite. Speaking about the history of this place then, this place was established back in the early 1870s, and workers used to mine here for silver. While the silver mine in here did well until the year 1875, while the business was at its peak. About 3k people resided here with a church,

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Three salons, a brewery, and a newspaper in the town. While later Dutch investors bought this place in 1871 for over 3 million dollars and it was resold again in 1876 the local entrepreneurs. While Jerome Chaffee and David Moffat were the ones who bought these mines and sold them for shares in New York. While a huge fire occurred in 1879 and by the end of 1920 only 50 people resided there.

In 1973, a graduate from the local area, Tom Hendricks who was a recent Geology graduate from this place bought the mine, and later in 1977, he shipped silver concentrate. While there are hundreds of camping sites in Europe, what makes this place special is that this place is abandoned and has much history and site seeing to it, while one can easily get their hands here, free of cost, this place, Also has many sites seeing and camping sites as well.

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One can get here in no time and also get access to much older mines, with nature and greenery which many campers look after. You can also visit here along with your family, while you can enjoy it with family and stay over the weekend, enjoying your holiday peacefully. If you are confused in seeing where you can find the place, then you can visit the following location online or go for the directions provided on the general maps. While the best place to visit here is during the summer.

  • 4898 Caribou Rd, Nederland, Co,
  • Boulder, 2WD,
  • Boulder district.


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