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When Will Colorado Ski Resort Season Opening And Closing Dates (2023-24)

Colorado Ski Resort: As we all know Colorado is the best place for all adventure lovers and this place has a lot of unique attractions for every season or even month of the year. As winter is coming, skiing activities are going to be the top in Colorado, and with the beautiful views and smooth winds, the joy of skiing will also increase.

Colorado Ski Resort Season Opening And Closing Dates
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Colorado Ski Resort Season Opening And Closing Dates

Awakens Arapahoe Basin
Aspen’s Splendor
Beaver Creek And Vail
Exploring The Lesser-Known Gems
The Unpredictable Early And Late Season

There are a lot of ski resorts that offer a lot of facilities in this winter season. It is just like heaven for the skiers and snowboarders. Here we are going to mention the special closing and opening dates of the top ski resorts in Colorado.

Aspen Highlands9th December 2023 7th April 2024
Arapahoe BasinTBD October 2023TBD June 2024
Aspen Mountain23rd November 202321st April 2024
Breckenridge10th November 2023TBD May 2024
Beaver Creek22nd November 2023TBD April 2024
Buttermilk9th December 202331st March 2024
Copper Mountain13th November 2023TBD April 2024
Ski Cooper6th December 2023 7th April 2024
Echo MountainTBD December 2023TBD April 2024
Crested Butte22nd November 2023TBD April 2024
EldoraTBD November 2023TBD April 2024
HesperusTBD December 2023TBD March 2024
Granby RanchTBD December 2023TBD April 2024
Howelsen Hill25th November 202324th March 2024
KeystoneTBD October 2023TBD April 2024
Kendall MountainTBD December 2023TBD April 2024
LovelandTBD October/November 2023TBD May 2024
MonarchTBD December 2023TBD April 2024
Purgatory18th November 2023TBD April 2024
PowderhornTBD November 2023TBD April 2024
Snowmass23rd November 202321st April 2024
Silverton28th December 202314th April 2024
Steamboat22nd November 2023TBD April 2024
Telluride23rd November 20237th April 2024
SunlightTBD December 2023TBD April 2024
Vail10th November 202321st April 2024
Wolf CreekTBD October/November 2023TBD April 2024
Winter ParkTBD November 2023TBD April 2024
Table Source: UncoverColorado

Awakens Arapahoe Basin

Awakens Arapahoe Basin
Image Source: Coloradoski

The ski season in Colorado mostly starts in mid-October, and Arapahoe Basin is often the first one to start with these adventures. With exact opening dates yet to be determined, Arapahoe Basin is known for its commitment to providing early-season turns, sometimes extending its operations deep into June.

Aspen’s Splendor

Aspen's Splendor
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Aspen is a name synonymous with luxury and world-class skiing and has a unique charm that extends into the winter season. Aspen Highlands and Aspen Mountain usually open in December, with Aspen Highlands inviting skiers on December 9 and Aspen Mountain on November 23.

These resorts are enchanting winter playgrounds where breathtaking mountain views meet exquisite trails. Both typically close in April, leaving visitors with cherished memories of their snowy escapades.

Beaver Creek And Vail

Beaver Creek And Vail
Image Source: Tripadvisor

The Vail Valley holds its own allure with Beaver Creek and Vail resorts. Beaver Creek opens its doors on November 22, promising an early start to the winter wonderland. The closing date remains to be determined, but it’s usually in April.

Vail, another beloved destination for winter sports enthusiasts, opens on November 10 and plans to welcome visitors until April 21. These resorts offer world-class amenities, making them top choices for those who seek luxury in the mountains.


Image Source: Breckenridge

In the heart of the Rockies, Breckenridge is a popular choice for skiers and snowboarders. It opens its vast terrain on November 10, with a closing date that also awaits confirmation. Breckenridge’s charming town, stunning mountain vistas, and diverse runs make it a destination loved by all.

Exploring The Lesser-Known Gems

Exploring The Lesser-Known Gems
Image Source: Igluski

There are many popular and broader skiing resorts in Colorado that are famous, but Colorado is also home to numerous ski areas that are lesser-known but equally exciting. Ski Cooper, located near Leadville, begins its season on December 6 and usually wraps up operations in April.

Echo Mountain, Eldora, Granby Ranch, Hesperus, Kendall Mountain, Monarch, Powderhorn, Purgatory, Steamboat, Sunlight, Winter Park, and Wolf Creek also join the winter celebration. Their opening and closing dates vary, giving adventurers ample options to explore the diverse terrains Colorado has to offer.

The Unpredictable Early And Late Season

The Unpredictable Early And Late Season
Image Source: Neilson

It’s important to note that these opening and closing dates can be subject to change, especially in the early and late seasons. Mother Nature holds the reins, and her moods can be unpredictable.

Early-season snowfall can sometimes lead to earlier openings, while a lack of snow may push closing dates deeper into spring. Visitors are advised to contact individual resorts for the most up-to-date information.


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