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Grand Junction, Colorado – Best Things To Do, History, Events (2023), Main Attractions, Best Hotels & Restaurants

Hello friends, I’m this article we are going to talk about a beautiful city in western Colorado that is a grand junction. The population of this City is around 62, and 218 being the biggest city in western Colorado. It is situated in the grand valley where the landscape is strikingly contrasting. The city is surrounded by outdoor activities, monuments, and Mesa County. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction, Colorado

The grand junction was originally under the tribe that later moved to Utah. Then the land goes to the kingdom of Spain. The land was predicted to contain gold and for that Mexican and Spanish soldiers prodded a lot but didn’t find anything. Later in 1881, a townsite was claimed on the land and

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It was originally named as ute and then it changed to west Denver and now grand junction. In today’s time, the grand junction is fully developed and the largest city in the County. It is developed with all the facilities like economic, constructive, education, activities and landmarks. 

Best Places To Visit In Grand Junction, Colorado

Colorado National Monument
Grand Mesa
Wines and Vineyards

  • Colorado National Monument

This is the most natural and striking monument. It offers enjoyable hiking, biking, and sightseeing. It also offers an auto tour from Grand Junction to Fruita.

  • Grand Mesa

Grand mesa is the largest flattop mountain in the world and it is very beautiful and the most significant mountain of grand junction. It is 50 miles wide and large. 

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  • Wines and Vineyards

The place is filled with very excellent wineries and you’ll get to see vineyards on every road. You can spend your sometimes in sterling vineyards and enjoy a free tasting of wines.

Best Things To Do In Grand Junction, Colorado


  • Camping

There are a lot of camping locations available here such as near the Western entrance and saddlehorn visitor center. Colorado national monument provides a lot of camping locations around it. Also near Colorado river State park, there are campgrounds like fruita and palisades. 

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  • Fishing

Colorado rivers offer a lot of fishing opportunities yearly to the local city members who are interested in taking part. There are many rivers available here where you can enjoy fishing.

  • Hiking

Hiking is also available in grand junction as there are mountains and it provides opportunities for hiking at the Colorado national monument a lot of trails are available to create difficulty levels for the hikers.

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Grand Junction, Colorado – Special Events
Rides And Vibes
Country Jam
Downtown Art Show

  • Rides and Vibes

Rides and vibes are organized in may month for three days where the first two days consist of long bike races and the last day and the last day it organizes a beer garden with music to round out the day.

  • Country Jam

It is held in the month of June for four days and it is one of the nation’s largest country music festivals.

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  • Downtown Art Show

This is a three-day festival held in October month where on the first day on Friday we have gallery tours and restaurant tastings, on Saturday we go for an outside art expo on Main Street, and on Sunday the film festival got organized.



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