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Hiking Trails Near Pueblo, Best 10 Hiking Places With Aesthetic Views!

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Hiking Trails Near Pueblo

Hiking Trails Near Pueblo

Then Pueblo might be your place to visit As it has got some of the exclusive hiking spots. Although Pueblo might not be the best place to have mountains, it is surrounded by some of the places that have the most rugged hikes in the area. Stay tuned as we covered some of the best places to visit in pueblo if you are looking for hiking spots.

Amtrak Rail, Colorado

10 Hiking Trails In Pueblo

Tunnel Drive Trail
Greenhorn Mountain Trail
Arkansas Riverwalk Trail
Pueblo River Loop
Bartlet Trail
Stultz Trail
Temple Canyon Park
Royal Gorge Mountain
Newlin Creek Trail
Northridge Trail and Mace Trail
  • Tunnel Drive Trail – It is one of the best places if you are looking for Canyons. Not only that this place also has some of the best carved-out tunnels that one can see. While it is flat and easy for kids as well.
  • Greenhorn Mountain Trail – It is a perilously steep and long place that is best for someone who likes to hike and has an experience in hiking. This is spread over 14 miles and drops to over 5000 feet.
  • Arkansas Riverwalk Trail – is another place if you are looking for some rivers and Rocky Mountains along with foothills as well. This is located 50 minutes from Pueblo while it contains the Arkansas River and has access to shops and restaurants as well.
  • Pueblo River Loop – is another place with views, mountains, and rivers as well. It is surrounded by wildflowers, and terrain features like Juniper and sagebrush as well. Along with hiking areas for youngsters as it can be dangerous sometimes for families.
  • Bartlet Trail – located about 45 minutes to the southwest of Pueblo this pace is 12 miles in length with hiking which is dramatically heightened from 8000 to 11,850 feet in elevation. It has eastern plains, mountains of a greenhorn, and wilderness as well.
  • Stultz Trail – With stately evergreen forests and owing up of terrific views while it is over 2000 feet above the elevation has even challenged the usual hikers. This place has rocks and hills.
  • Temple Canyon Park – is located around an hour of drive west of Pueblo with 12 meters of tanner trail and steps as well. Has stellar views along with Captivating wildlife as well.
  • Royal Gorge Mountain – Along with a range of five miles long mountain parks and the largest suspension bridge on foot in the world. This place is good for hikers.
  • Newlin Creek Trail – with towering rock formations, abandoned mining equipment, and a hiking destination along with the rugged beauty of Colorado’s history. Along with them has hiking destinations for expert hikers.
  • Northridge Trail and Mace Trail Loop Along With Two And Half-Mile loop trail and high elevation scenarios as well. this place is good for different scenarios and for expert hikers only as it is quite challenging for many people even for casual hikers as well.


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