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Kidzania Bangkok – Everything We Know So Far!

The youngsters won’t get bored at KidZania with the roughly eighty options available. Try having them pretend to be a salesperson, beautician, judge, photographer, or even a pilot. They can handle a patient, walk the ramp, play the guitar, and sing rock star-like. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Kidzania Bangkok

Kidzania Bangkok

To begin, groups of six or more children are formed, and they are required to put on the appropriate uniform or attire for the role. Children will receive “Kidzos” for completing the chores, which they can store in the Kidzania bank. The opportunity to open a bank account is provided to them.

While departing to purchase actual items from the National Store, the youngsters can retrieve the money they had saved. A cafeteria is there and provides a selection of drinks and snacks. The McDonald’s restaurant and a snack stand in front of the department store are both close to the theatre.

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Kidzania Bangkok – Best Things To Do

Delicious popcorn, cotton candy, and ice cream are just a few of the delectable treats offered at the snack stand. The National Store, which is close to Kidzania’s exit, has stores where you can shop. On your way out, you can purchase a memento or other unique goods.

In the vicinity of the Independence Fountain and the Theatre, there are also joy basket kiosks that sell a variety of goods. The magic store is a must-visit if you want to get some fun magical items for the kids. While their children play, adults can unwind in the “Parents lounge” by reading, browsing the internet, or watching television.

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Kidzania Bangkok – Activities

Without the children’s knowledge, you can also take some images from the windows or the monitors. If you want to enjoy watching some football, go to the stadium. Otherwise, head to the theatre to see a magic or fashion show. In front of the Japanese restaurant and the Ketchup Factory lies Kidzania, which has accessible elevators.

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On the first and second floors of the structure are restrooms. Near the theatre and beauty parlor on the first level, it is situated. It is on the second level and next to Urbano’s home as well as the Milk Factory. On the second level of Urbano’s house, there is a nursery. If there is a medical emergency,

Kidzania Bangkok – Location

You can go to the nearby McDonald’s First Aid room and speak with the nurse there. In the incredibly well-liked Siam Paragon shopping center, which is located in Bangkok’s Pathuwman neighborhood, KidZania is housed on the fifth floor. By bus routes 15, 16, 48, and 73, you may go to the Siam Paragon mall. The nearest is the Siam station.


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