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Marco Island, Florida – Things To Do, Hotels, Best Resorts, Restaurants, Rental Airbnb, Map & More!

La Isla de San Marco, a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, is full of picturesque sights and enjoyable things to do, which will make your trip to this place worthwhile. The city of Marco Island is undoubtedly a tourist hotspot that showcases the stunning nature and landing sites that envelop the island, from vast white sandy beaches, marinas, and iconic destinations to its rich history, lively culture, and plentiful wildlife. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Marco Island, Florida

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Marco Island, Florida – Places To Visit

Keewaydin Island
Tigertail Beach Park
South Marco Beach
Cape Romano
Marco Island Farmers Market

1. Keewaydin Island

If you’re seeking entertaining activities in Marco Island, Florida, taking a boat trip to Keewaydin Island will give you a chance to see the diverse fauna and stunning scenery that call this place home. Keewaydin Island, an 8-mile-long island that is a portion of the pristine Rookery Bay Reserve, will add to the allure of your Marco Island vacation.

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2. Tigertail Beach Park

One of the top attractions on Marco Island is Tigertail Beach Park, which offers an adventure full of fun and excitement that will pique the interest of any birdwatcher. This landing spot showcases a remarkable vacation that will wow you. What’s not to appreciate about Tigertail Beach Park with its beautiful views and sunsets, entertaining activities, convenient conveniences, and bird-watching tower, Pack your baggage and be sure to visit this gem on your Marco Island trip because there is still so much more for you to discover in this landing location.

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3. South Marco Beach

A public beach with easy access, South Marco Beach is home to shelling, beautiful walks down the shore, and crystal-clear waves of turquoise that will astound you. Additionally, the beach features a variety of fauna that you can see, including birds and occasionally dolphins. Considering that it is a popular tourist site for people from all over the world if you choose to visit the location, be prepared to run into parking issues. Rent a property close to the beach, so make sure to plan ahead. Undoubtedly, it will be worthwhile for you to spend the weekend here.

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4. Cape Romano

Cape Romano, which is remote and located at the southernmost point of Florida’s gulf coast, will give you the impression that you are on an exhilarating journey at the edge of the planet. Make sure to explore this hidden gem while traveling; it is a retreat that will meet your desires, with everything from the distinctive dome residences and pristine beaches to the exotic environment of both flora and fauna.

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5. Marco Island Farmers Market

A wide variety of fresh and delicious products are available at the Marco Island Farmers Market, which is open seasonally. The Marco Island Farmers Market is a place you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re looking for fresh produce, including fruits, veggies, and other things as well as prepared foods and baked goods. There are many different culinary options in this charming location, but don’t forget to look at the market’s artists as well. Their goods are equally as top-notch as the cuisine at this location.


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