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Sedalia, Colorado – Latest News, History, Special Events (2023), Main Attractions, Accommodations & Food!

Located 30 miles south of Denver near US-85, Sedalia is a tiny Front Range town. Sedalia is a fantastic spot to be surrounded by the traditional culture and natural beauty of Colorado because of its charming and historic downtown. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Sedalia, Colorado

Sedalia, Colorado

The town is located in Douglas County at an elevation of 5,840 feet. The little village had only 103 residents in the year 2020. Sedalia Post Office, with zip code 80135, has been operating in the community since 1872. From Sedalia, Missouri, it got its name.

Sedalia, Colorado – History

Despite not being accessible to the general public, Cherokee Ranch & Castle is a well-liked location for people organizing a wedding or other big-group event. The ranch’s Scottish-style castle, set atop a hill and housing 15th and 16th-century European art items, is the primary attraction.

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Sedalia and Castle Pines are bordered by Daniels Park, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A herd of bison may be spotted there because it is a Denver Mountain Park and provides magnificent vistas of the Front Range. Recently, the park was realigned for improved bison viewing, for which $3.6 million was invested.

Sedalia, Colorado – Restaurants

The Sedalia Bakery is a tiny, welcoming place where you can get a wide selection of sweets. The bar and cafe Bud’s Bud’s dishes up a fantastic burger and chips plate and is a one-dish wonder restaurant. In addition, they provide a wide range of ice-cold beers and spirits.

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B-BBQ Man’s is a family-run barbecue joint in the neighborhood that serves well-cooked brisket, hog, and ribs. You can complete your meal with a couple of other sides and desserts. The area on which Sedalia presently stands was inhabited by numerous aboriginal peoples before the 1860s.

Sedalia, Colorado – Main Attractions

On the plains of the Front Range, Utes, Arapahoe, and Kiowas coexisted. The Gold Rush brought people to the region, as it did for many Colorado towns, in search of wealth. Due to the amount of lush land and timber in Sedalia, it became a popular area for failed miners to establish ranches. It was a good site to start farming because it was where two creeks met.

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Following the passage of the Homestead Act, a tiny but thriving village was born, albeit it was never formally incorporated. Although the town itself does not have a lot of outdoor leisure opportunities, it acts as a starting point for many nearby outdoor excursions. Enjoy fly fishing in the Platte River or hiking and bicycling in the Pike National Forest.



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