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What Is Stanley Hotel Haunted History? Why Is Stanley Hotel In The Most Haunted Places In Colorado? Everything About It!

Hello friends, in this article we are going to tell you about the most beautiful and popular hotel, Stanley, situated around the beautiful Estes valley. The hotel is known for its best design, facilities, and views as it is situated around forests, hills, and beautiful sceneries of the east coast. In this article, we won’t talk about the beauty of Stanley Hotel, Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Stanley Hotel Haunted History

Stanley Hotel Haunted History

But the other facts because of why the hotel is popular and that is its haunted history. The hotel is very popular for its history and news related to ghost appearances and haunted rooms and floors that have been experienced and noticed by many visitors. So let’s start with this article. Today we see a large Stanley lodge but before that, it was a vacant space around the Estes valley covered with mountains

That people thought of as a home to get freshness. The founder of the hotel inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley also visited there suffering from tuberculosis as he lost hope to survive for his life. But after visiting there he recovered and after that, he decided with his wife Flora to establish a large hotel there. The hotel was started in 1909 and even being situated around the Estes coasts

Why Is Stanley Hotel In The Most Haunted Places In Colorado?

It was provided with electricity, water supply, large rooms, and all the modern facilities. But Just after two years of establishment, a huge flood arrived and its electricity connection got damaged. After that Stanley installed the gas lantern in the hotel to provide a lighting facility and then a major accident happened in 217 room where somehow gas leaked by the staff Wilson got into the room with a candle

And a blast happened and somehow she recovered from going into a com. She served her service to the hotel till 1950 but her presence is still in room 217 where she lives as mentioned by many visitors. 217 is the most dangerous room in the hotel and if you want to feel the presence of ghosts you can visit there. But it is said that she is more helpful than scary as many visitors said that their bags

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Got automatically packed and beds got arranged. However, it is best for only married couples because some singles experience a scary presence there. The last floor of the hotel is also considered the most dangerous floor of the hotel in room 401 the presence of scary male ghosts was felt by some women as some unknown touches were made to them personally. Room 407 was also found

With a Ghost presence, a visitor reported that he was tucked onto the bed by some unknown forces, and many others’ presence was noticed. In room 428, also experiences a cowboy being loomed over the bed or standing in the corner. There are many weird sounds like the movement of furniture and many strange happenings were noticed too. It also felt the presence of Stanley in the bar area and a room and the presence of a child ghost too.



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