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When Will Sanibel Island Open To The Public In 2023? Date & Time!

Sanibel Island which was closed for a long time now is now said to be open and there are many people who are excited to visit this island once again. But before going there are certain things to be reconsidered while the requests to reopen were just overwhelming and emerging as well. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

When Will Sanibel Island Open To Public?

When Will Sanibel Island Open To Public?

After hurricane Ian went through the island it was almost impossible to see the destruction caused by the hurricane. But now as the impossible became possible and after the 500 emails that the officials got from the citizens to reopen the island, the officials finally deiced that they will reopen the island. On Monday morning the island was once again opened after the hurricane went by and the damages were repaired as well.

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It was mentioned that the debris which was caused by the hurricane was removed from the island over 80% of the East periwinkle Way bridge while the officials added that anyone who wanted to visit can openly visit the island. There won’t be any problem with traffic as well, as officials mentioned that there will be officers who will be adding their ways to the island and they will visit the free flow of the vehicle.

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Although many people were happy with the decision, many were not happy with this decision as well. Sanibel residents who were not happy with the decision of the Island reopening for visitors as per reports wrote to the officials and said that the island should not be open until fully recovered. But officials said that as there are officers in here and most of it is recovered the ways are open.

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Though one thing to keep in mind is that the roads and the Island overall are not recovered fully so stay away from the debris and also stay mindful as well as it can be dangerous in some areas. Mayor Holly Smith said that although the island is still revering it is allowing at some points for visitors. He also mentioned that beaches are not yet open as they are not safe as of now.

Sanibel Island Opening Hours

Other than that one thing to keep in mind is that there is a curfew ongoing on the island so if someone is visiting then they should be following that without any delay. And if there is any delay it might cause you problems. It was mentioned that the island will undergo a curfew from 9 pm to 6 am, every day and there will be a checkpoint at the opening and closing as those hours are opening and closing times.

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It was mentioned earlier that the pass holders and the homeowners only will be allowed on the island but later this was removed and now everyone can visit the island. Another thing here is that the officials said that they received 500 emails from people to open the island. Mayor mentioned that many people wanted to visit and help in clearing the bottles and all the debris but as of now,

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They are only allowing the island and not the beach as it can be dangerous. He mentioned that as many volunteers are joining in they can regain or rebuild the island in no time. Earlier in December there was extra security due to an increase in the people line but now as everything is cleared the regulations of the curfew will be as mentioned above.



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