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Anakeesta Theme Park Gatlinburg – Reviews, Map, Tickets Price, Things To Do & Complete Guide!

Hello friends, as we all know that Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a very beautiful and popular tourist spot and it is the home of the great smoky mountains. The best thing this place offers is smoky mountains that give an amazing experience to visit its top. Every year there are 14 million visitors who reach this place and enjoy the beauty of this place and perform many outdoor activities and fun. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Anakeesta Theme Park Gatlinburg

Anakeesta Theme Park Gatlinburg

One of the most popular and newer attractions that are being talked about in this place is the Anakeesta theme park. Anakeesta park is located at the height of the city and it is so beautifully designed that it is able to give a magical view of the place. This park is completely a nature immersive park and you can feel the mountains here. This is the best theme park in the world. The following are things you’ll get to see in the anakeesta theme park.

Best Things About Anakeesta Theme Park Gatlinburg

Mountaintop Thrills
Majestic Views Of The Great Smoky Mountains
Astra Lumina
Vista Gardens
Heart Twigloo
  1. Mountaintop Thrills

As anakeesta is located at some height from the city to give the mountain views, the smoky mountains are very close to this place and the best thrill for this park is a rail runner. Rail runner is an activity where the visitors do a car race from 400 feet height to the top ridge to the bottom. There are many more activities available to enjoy the forest and the smoky mountain views.

  1. Majestic Views Of The Great Smoky Mountains

There is a tower called anavista tower in the park that is 60 feet high but it is made on the top mountain ridge that makes it 200 feet above sea level. This is the best place to experience the beauty of nature and Gatlinburg. After climbing the 60 feet zigzag set of stairs you’ll reach the height from where you will see the whole town and around 50 mountain peaks that are very beautiful to be watched and one of the best things to do in anakeesta theme park.

  1. Astra Lumina

Astra lumina is a multimedia experience of the stars coming to the Earth to greet us that is done using lighting, projection, and various cosmic soundtrack and it really gives us a very amazing experience. It is a long road where you’ll walk and experience this multimedia design.

  1. Vista Gardens

Vista garden had a devastating fire in 2016 known as the chimney top II wildfire. The park is now beautifully surrounded by a dazzling collection of seasonal flowers, cascading waterfalls, plants, and soothing sounds of wind chimes. There is a unique selfie spot situated in the garden of the 15 feet tall keeper of the forest, willow. 

  1. Heart Twigloo

Heart twigloo is the most beautiful and special spot that is located at the edge of anakeesta and it is the most romantic and beautiful view. This Heart twigloo is a large heart made of twigs and it gets decorated every season with its presence. In the center, we get to see a majestic view of Mt. LeConte. Best place to take pictures with your loved one and propose to them. 



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