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Lulu’s Downstairs, Manitou Springs, Colorado, Everything We Know So Far!

Lulu’s Downstairs is a lively eatery, bar, and venue for live events that can be found in the beautiful Manitou Springs. Everyone wants to come to this space as it is a very welcoming space. Lulu wants to promote and aid the development of the regional cultural scene through its contributions, Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Lulu’s Downstairs, Manitou Springs

Lulu’s Downstairs, Manitou Springs

And support a very good aim of the eatery. The eatery has a soft opening followed by a more formal way of opening. Its doors were formally inaugurated in July 2019 at this unique location. Marc Benning, who previously assisted in the introduction of The Side Door in the south of the city, is the owner of the establishment. A guitarist for 15 years, he has also been owning Hideaway Studios for the past 25 years.

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Even when there isn’t live music playing, Marc wants to make Lulu’s Downstairs feel fantastic. He does not just want his restaurant to be known as him. Sasami and Inaiah Lujan were among the live performances that the venue had scheduled when it first opened. Live comedic performances have also been performed in addition to music. The eatery brings you great food and ambience making it a must-visit place this season.

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Lulu’s Downstairs, Manitou Springs Menu

The new menu curated for the customers is simply a chef’s kiss. The Onsite Bar, For the purpose of developing a unique bar menu, the owner has employed seasoned bartenders. Along with all of the regulars and a selection of uncommon and locally-available beers, the pub also serves speciality drinks. You can be certain that there will be a drink you enjoy given the wide variety of options.

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Lulu’s Downstairs, Manitou Springs Review

Lulu’s does provide a number of dishes that are entirely vegan, yet the bar is the major draw. If you want a chill night filled with amazing drinks to go with friends this is the perfect place for you to visit it has everything good food and good drinks. An overview of the meal menu is also shown in the article. The hot waggon of Bob Petrillose in 1960 Ithaca, New York, served as the inspiration for French bread pizza. Pizzas with several topping combinations

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Lulu’s Downstairs, Manitou Springs Contacts

Include the Tina Turner (Olive Spread, Lu’s Giardiniera, Garlic Butter, and White Sauce) and the Aretha Franklin (Mushroom, Bell Peppers, Boom Boom Sauce, Lemon Basil Vinegar, and Bac-Os). Dinner salads with your choice of dressing are also available. Cheesecake and berries and whip are just a couple of the dessert options. The place is at 107 Manitou Springs Co 80829. You have to make a reservation before you go to the place you call on the number 719-424-7637.


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