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Best 4 Recycling Centers Near Me In Westminster, Colorado!

To stay informed on policies, events, etc. in your city, check out this fantastic website. You want to stay informed because things change rapidly! For all your recycling and trash needs if you reside in Westminster, be sure to review the updates below. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Recycling Centers In Westminster, CO

Recycling Centers In Westminster, CO

3948 West 73rd Avenue, fire station 1
Municipal Service Center, 6575 West 88th Avenue
Municipal Court is at 3030 Turnpike
West View Recreation Center, 10747 West 108th Avenue

Trash Collection: Residents of Westminster must utilize a licensed collector because the city does not offer trash collection services. Both trash and recycling pickup must be offered by all businesses, but there may be differences in costs.

Drop-Off Locations: Recycling can be done at a number of places in Westminster. These are fantastic solutions if you need to get rid of things quickly during spring cleaning and have a lot of large objects, such as cardboard boxes. These places are there:

  1. 3948 West 73rd Avenue, fire station 1.
  2. Municipal Service Center, 6575 West 88th Avenue
  3. Municipal Court is at 3030 Turnpike,
  4. While West View Recreation Center is at 10747 West 108th Avenue.

Except on Sundays, materials are collected Daily. To find out more about these recycling facilities, call 303-658-2183.

Outlet Stores In Westminster, CO

Tree Limb Recycling: If a resident can show proof of residency, the city of Westminster will recycle tree limbs for them. Recycling of tree limbs is not allowed by contractors. The maximum diameter of a tree limb is 8 inches, regardless of length. Recycling tree limbs is a fantastic method to create mulch and prevent them from ending up in landfills, which are already overflowing with waste. 10001 Alkire St. is the new address for this service.

Dentists In Westminster, CO

While recycling is frequently simple, there are occasionally objects that cannot be picked up by the typical trash service. A few of these things are carpets, appliances, bathtubs, antifreeze, air conditioners, and more. In order to assist you to dispose of these things securely and properly,

The city of Westminster has put together a useful list. Furthermore, Westminster has teamed up with Garbage Management At Your Door Special Collection, Inc. to collect household hazardous waste straight from your home by appointment FREE of charge within program limits if you need to recycle hazardous waste materials like paint.

Westminster Colorado Water Quality

Before Making An Appointment, Residents Must Possess A Minimum Of Three Separate Items

You must have two other materials for disposal in addition to more than three (3) gallons of paint if you have any. You will be given a collection bag to put your non-recyclable stuff in for pickup before the day of your appointment. Hazardous recyclables must be stored outside of the bag in containers that hold five gallons or less. Place materials outside your front door or garage before 7 a.m. on the day of collection.


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