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Red Mountain Pass, Ouray-Silverton – Everything We Know So Far!

The majestic 11,018-foot Red Mountain Pass sits atop Southwest Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway. Ahead-thinking drivers are rewarded with stunning vistas from the top, despite the road’s potential for danger and intimidation. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Red Mountain Pass, Ouray-Silverton

Red Mountain Pass, Ouray-Silverton

One of the most picturesque drives in the nation is Colorado’s 25-mile-long “Million Dollar Highway,” which is a section of U.S. 500. The apex of that road is Red Mountain Pass. Due to the high incline and absence of guardrails, it is also among the most hazardous areas during the winter.

Red Mountain Pass – Location

The region referred to as the Red Mountain Mining District is located between the Red Mountain Pass and Ouray. A huge mining boom that started in 1882 took place in this region. The investigation of surrounding mines like Yankee Girl, National Belle, and Guston led to the growth of communities like Red Mountain and Ironton over the ensuing eleven years.

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A region of the San Juan Mountains known as “the American Alps” includes Red Mountain Pass. This indicates both breathtaking mountain views and hazardous driving conditions. Anyone wishing to take the Million Dollar Highway from Ouray to Silverton needs to be a confident driver who pays close attention to the road.

Red Mountain Pass – Road Condition

Driven to and from Red Mountain Pass, the terrain has 8% gradients, enormous cliffs, and tight curves. In addition, flash floods, loose rocks, and a lot of snowfall are common on the trip through Red Mountain Pass. Seasonality: US 550 is usually open all year long. So, in the event of significant snowfall, the route will close.

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Red Mountain Pass – Vehicle Pass

When crossing Red Mountain Pass, it is recommended to always check the weather and be ready for everything. Vehicle Restrictions: The Million Dollar Highway (US 550) is an asphalt road with the paved pavement that is well-maintained. As a result, the majority of passenger vehicles may pass via the pass. Driving with chains or snow tires is strongly advised, and 4WD vehicles are the best option.

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The trip to Red Mountain Pass is an unforgettable experience when it’s dry in the spring, summer, and fall. Both north and south of the pass, there are many locations to pause, take in the beauty, and take pictures. In and around the San Juan Mountains’ snow-capped summits, viewers will be able to see old, abandoned mining facilities.

Where Is Red Mountain Pass?

A 13-mile drive from Red Mountain Pass is the town of Ouray. The old mining town of Ouray, Colorado, which is still in existence today, is one of the less well-known yet breathtakingly gorgeous ones. The hot springs in Ouray are a great place to unwind, and the town’s restaurants and breweries are great places to eat and drink.



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