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Best 4 Volunteer Opportunities In Westminster, Colorado!

Project Angel Heart: Getting the nutrients that sick Coloradans require to become stronger, heal, and stay at home was a major concern that Project Angel Heart was established to address in 1991. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Volunteer Opportunities In Westminster, CO

Volunteer Opportunities In Westminster, CO

Project Angel Heart
The Wild Animal Sanctuary
The Phoenix
Same Cafe

A lot of people are either unable to cook for themselves or are too sick to go to the grocery store. Others discover that in order to survive, they must pick between buying food and prescription drugs. To help those with life-threatening conditions, Project Angel Heart makes and

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Delivers meals that are specifically designed for their needs. Thousands of mouthwatering homemade meals are made each week by our skilled chefs and licensed nutritionist, who also make sure they are adapted to the dietary and medical requirements of the sick.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary: Over 500 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves, and other Large Carnivores are protected in the 10,473-acre Wild Animal Sanctuary after being rescued from dangerous or abusive conditions. The Sanctuary saves and cares for the animals before releasing them to live

Westminster Colorado School District

And wander freely in areas with lots of open space. Visitors can take advantage of the elevated “Mile Into The Wild” path at the Sanctuary, which spans 789 acres and numerous habitats. As they enjoy walking in a fresh and open country air atmosphere,

Visitors can view the roving pride of Lions, groups of Tigers, and wolf packs running freely. The Sanctuary is located just north of Denver International Airport and is about 30 miles northeast of Denver, Colorado, making it a short journey from the city.

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The Phoenix: The Phoenix, is open since 2006 and is a free sober active community that has encouraged more than 22,000 people around America to believe they have the strength to overcome addiction with the help of those who are on the same journey. they think that encouraging human connections through mental, physical,

And spiritual fitness—including CrossFit, climbing, hiking, jogging, cycling, yoga, and more—is a potent approach to healing damaged bodies and spirits and rekindling hope. After 48 hours sober, there is no membership cost. Because of their combined strength, we are here for you when you are ready.

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Same Cafe: Through years of voluntary work, the Birkys came up with this concept. As a result of this service’s profound impact on the two, they made the decision to do an Amazingly Different action. They witnessed the rising number of people in need of aid over the years while working at food banks and shelters, including devoted single mothers,

Elderly individuals who are unable to retire, educated individuals, and those who lack education. Some individuals struggle to make ends meet even working 40 hours a week at minimum wage. The Birkys sincerely hope that by operating SAME Café, they will be able to impact everyone who enters, whether they are individuals in need of assistance or those looking to provide assistance.


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