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Highway I-25 & I-70 Truck Stops Near Me In Colorado, 5 Rest Stops With Driver Amenities In Colorado! 

The state of Colorado is a place that is important in many aspects as it is the border when it comes to transport and travel as well. What many people do not realize is that apart from being a massively developed city, this place is also a tourist place for many people and also for many things and visiting citations as well. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Highway I-25 & I-70 Truck Stops In Colorado

Highway I-25 & I-70 Truck Stops In Colorado

Colorado is a large scenic state that has been surrounded and filled with Semi-arid lands and mountains as well which makes this place unique. Other than that this place is also filled with many malls, tourist places, hotels, etc. Stay tuned as we covered detail about Rest stops and driver Amenities in Colorado. If you are on a long drive and pas ways through Colorado then this might be the place where you can spend their night

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And also be calm as well. Colorado has many drive-in places where you can rest for the rest of the night if you are sleepy and want some space that is private and safe as well. If you are a truck driver or on a road trip that is long and requires one-two day to reach and if by chance Colorado is between then this place has the best Driver Amenities as well where one can rest, and stop for the rest of the night,

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5 Rest Stops With Driver Amenities In Colorado

Have your own space and sleep peacefully while they assure you the best services. I-25 ad I-70 are the highways that touch many cities and are popular routes as well. These routes have many drives where you can walk in and also sleep as well. If you even have a huge truck then you can also stay here without any stress of being sleepy and restless. Below are some of the truck lay-by

Eagle’s Nest Truck StopExit 47 on I-25
Phillip 66 Truck StopExit 161 on I-25
Frederick Travel CenterExit 235 on I-25
Petro Johnson’s CornerExit 254 on I-25
Pilot Travel CenterExit 26 on I-70

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Or sting spots that you can reside in overnight. Eagle’s nest truck stop is one place you can rest which is near Exit 47 on I-25. Though this place has a limited number of showers, it has a space of over 80 trucks lay by and has many services as well. The services in this place include cafes, business centers, ATMs, and mechanical services for trucks. The stop also has debit and credit card options as well.

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The next truck stop is Phillip 66 truck stop which is near exit 161 on I-25 where one can rest, This place has shower service, convenience stores, and facilities related to driving as well that one can need if anything is damaged or needs urgent repair as well. Here you can have your snacks, dinner, or even showers as they have many shower rooms. The next truck stop is Fredrick travel center

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Which is near exit 235 on I-25 where one can stop and also rest as well. This place has many survive at any time of the day as the shops will be open overnight and daytime as well. This place has over 50 parking spaces so one can park and sleep. This place also has many decent meal restaurants and payment methods as well. Petro Johnson’s corner is the next place which is near Exit 254 on I-25.

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This place in is Johnstown and has parking and resting areas as well. They also have showering rooms where one can take peaceful and relaxing showers. This place has convenience stores along with it. Pilot Travel Center near Exit 26 on I-70 is the next truck stop with showers, snacks, and truck services. While the last one is travel Centers of America which is near Exit 278 on I-70 with the biggest rest stops and services like laundry, food, and showers.



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