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Movie Theaters Near Me In Colorado, 7 Best Drive In Theatres In Colorado!

Movie and theatre is a great experience when it comes to holidays and also enjoying along with friends. But one thing that has become a massive hit during these is the drive-in theatre experience. While it can be said that these theaters have been used by many people still they are underrated. These theaters have the classic theatre experience but with a drive-in twist, Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Movie Theaters In Colorado

Movie Theaters Near Me In Colorado

And also has many advantages for people who want to watch movies in public but on a private scale. Drive-In theater although are minimum in the USA there are hundreds of them across the country. Stay tuned as we covered drive theatres and their information from Colorado. There are many drive-in theatres in the USA and they have accumulated to a total of 305 in number. From those 305 theatres,

There are about 7-8 theatres located only in Colorado and one can experience them here with vast experiences. This drive-in experience is a classy yet outdoor experience that one cannot ignore. Below is teh list of those drive-in theaters from Colorado. The first one is the 88 drive-in theatre which is an original drive-in since 1972 and had many outdoor movie experiences as well.

It has high-end projectors and the best customer services along with 35 mm film ability located at 8780 Rosemary St Commerce City. Second, in line with drive-in theaters in Colorado is Holiday Twin Drive-in which is established around the 190s and has since been working. Located on 2206 overland trail, this place has two features a night and had a because screening as well. They also have a horse tooth

Review near them. Third, in place is teh Mesa drive-in located near 2625 Santa Fe Dr. Peblo Co, and has three different screens and not just popcorn, but burgers, burritos, hot dogs, etc. This movie screening here is open since 1951 and had admission for adults and seniors but free for children below the age of 12. Movies can be selected from three different screens as well. The fourth drive-in theater in Colorado is Tru Vu Drive-In

7 Best Drive-In Theatres In Colorado

88 Drive-in Theatre
Holiday Twin Drive-in
Mesa Drive-in
Tru Vu Drive-in
Comanche Drive-in
Star Drive-in Theatre
Best Western Movie Manor

Which is a  small town drive-in with a beautiful blanket of stars, had Gunnison river in detail and a night sky as well. This theater has roots back to 1955 and has been running since, One can find this theater near the 1001 Co-92 delta, Co and teh hours might vary during teh seasons. Next up is the Comanche drive-in with movie scenes, mountain scenes, and much more. It has many high-tech advancements

And 4k digital projections as well. It is located at 27784 Co Rd 339 Buena Vista. Sixth in place is the Star Drive-in theatre with 70 years of running and snacking with cheeseburgers and fries. Located at 600 E Miami road, Montrose. Next up is teh best western Movie manor which is located at 2830 US Highway 160 west Monte Vista and has historic concession stands as well. There are two screens in this theater

And build surround sounds as well. One can choose to either watch in their cars or to sit back and relax and stay on a bed provided. Last but not least is Bonus Blue Starlite Drive which is at 801 Ed6 Minturn Co and has a capacity of about 50 cars. They provide you with pop-up locations in Minturn and had grease goonies, princess brides, and other classical movies playing for their viewers.



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