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6 Best Things To Do In Pikes Peak, Colorado!

Hello friends, as we all know Pikes Peak is one of the most famous mountains in the United States located in Colorado. The 14,115-foot peak offers amazing views, hiking, and camping opportunities, and provides a lot of other attractions that make it a popular destination for tourists and outdoor lovers. Here in this article, we are going to tell you all about the top attractions near pike’s peak colorado. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Things To Do In Pikes Peak, Colorado

Things To Do In Pikes Peak, Colorado

Garden Of The Gods
Cog Railway
Seven Falls
The Broadmoor
Manitou Springs
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Garden Of The Gods: The Garden of the Gods is a geological wonder located in Colorado Springs, just near the pike’s peak. It features a collection of towering sandstone rock formations that were formed millions of years ago. Visitors can take a guided tour, hike or bike the park’s many trails, or simply admire the stunning views. The park also offers a visitor and nature center, as well as picnic areas, horseback riding, and rock climbing opportunities.

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Cog Railway: The Pikes Peak Cog Railway is a popular way to reach the Height of Pikes Peak. The railway has been in operation for over 100 years and offers a unique and scenic way to experience the mountain. The train ride takes about three hours round trip, and the peak offers amazing views of the surroundings.

Seven Falls: Seven Falls is a series of seven cascading waterfalls located in a canyon in South Cheyenne Creek. These falls are very beautiful and mesmerizing and can be accessed with a short hike, also the park offers guided tours and a zip line adventure that takes visitors over the falls.

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The Broadmoor: The Broadmoor is a luxury resort located in Colorado Springs near pikes peak. The resort offers many activities like golf courses, tennis courts, a spa, and a variety of dining options, as outdoor activities like hiking and biking trails, fishing, and horseback riding.

Manitou Springs: Manitou Springs is a beautiful mountain town located at the base of Pikes Peak. The town is known for its mineral springs, which have been tourist spots since the late 1800s. Visitors can taste the different mineral waters and find out the history behind the water.

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located near pike’s peak in Colorado Springs. It is one of the most unique zoos in the world, as it is built on the side of a mountain and offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding areas. The zoo is home to over 750 animals from around the world, including elephants, giraffes, and lions.

All these attractions are near Pikes Peak and are must-visit places. From the Garden of the Gods to the Seven falls, Manitou springs, and the Broadmoor, visitors can find a wide range of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. All these beautiful and mesmerizing areas and views of pikes peak make it a great location to visit.



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