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Silverton, Colorado – Top Events & Activities You Must Try Once In 2023!

Hello friends, so we are here to tell you all about the best things and events that happened in Silverton Colorado. Silverton is located at the highest elevation of the state. It is a most attractive spot for tourists and it involves many tourist activities And festivals to be enjoyed and taken part in. It includes skiing, fat biking, cycling, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and many events of arts and music. Let us cover some best of the events organized in Silverton Colorado. Stay in touch with our website TheWestMinsterPromenade for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Silverton, Colorado

Silverton, Colorado Events & Activities

Women’s Big Mountain Camp
Silverton Whiteout
Silverton SnowScape Winter Festival
Silverton Skijoring
Silverton Split Fest
Silverton Mountain Brewski
Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

  1. Women’s Big Mountain Camp

Women’s big mountain cap was organized at Silverton mountain. It is organized every weekend for women of the same abilities. Its purpose is to make the weekends adventurous for the women and conduct activities such as skiing, and snowboarding.

  1. Silverton Whiteout

Silverton whiteout is a fat bike race organized to be held on snow for many categories such as solo, duo, three, four, or family teams. All the non-motorized and self-powered way to move is allowed to take part. It includes runners, walkers, skiers, and snow shoes. This is a full 10-hour bike race covering an 8-mile long route consisting of the best scenes and natural views during the whole trip. The routes consist of many rest stations and fire and snacks. 

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  1. Silverton SnowScape Winter Festival

The silver SnowScape winter festival is an annual function organized on the weekends of February month where many events are organized for the visitors that include relay races, a classic cardboard box sled Derby, a capture the flag snowball fight for children, ice hockey skills clinics, and pick-up games and adult Nordic trail races. 

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  1. Silverton Skijoring

Silverton skijoring is an annual event organized in wintertime. This event was brought by the local residents in 2010 and it is organized by the town of Silverton. This consists of many horse-related activities such as a rider pulling someone on skis. A lot of participants take part in this kind of race and winning a prize helps Silverton’s economy. 

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  1. Silverton Split Fest

Silverton split fest is an annual event of Silverton that is organized every year in April month of the year. It is a very amazing opportunity to experience the newest split board gear, and backcountry skills and ride new lines. 

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  1. Silverton Mountain Brewski

Silverton mountain brewski is an annual one-day event that is based on the top two popular pastimes of Colorado which are skiing and craft beer. The event was held for one complete day and the skiing Start on Silverton mountain in the morning. In the afternoon, beer tasting with a handful of Colorado breweries. 

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  1. Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

Iron horse bicycle classic is a full one-week racing competition held in Durango, Silverton. There is a lot of cycling, other kinds of races are organized that take up all the riders to one place and large competitions are organized. 



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